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Careers Guidance

The Careers Education and Guidance Programmes make a major contribution in preparing young people for opportunities, responsibilities and experience of adult life. They help young people make decisions and manage transitions as students and workers. It is vital that all Key Stage 3 students who attend our school have the knowledge and skills they need to make informed choices and achieve economic well-being later in life.

A young person's career reflects the progress they make in learning and work. It is part of the vision and mission of the school that all students have a planned programme of activities that gives them access to various avenues of work and to understand the skills required for different career pathways. Pupils begin as early as Year 1 by looking into the roles and responsibilities of various job types through a discrete learning curriculum which is then supported by dedicated PSHE lessons as they progress through the school, concentrating on the development of skills for independence, employability and economic well-being and helping pupils decide what it is they would like to work towards in terms of a sustainable career. By providing such support, we enable our students to feel achievement and success, empowering them to take control of their own destinies and have the highest aspirations for themselves.

Careers Team

We have dedicated members of staff here at Emerge who will take the time to discuss career options with pupils and help them to make the best decisions as they transition into their early career. Careers sessions will be scheduled as part of their learning timetable so that they have their own 1:1 time to talk about all the different pathways available.

Our on-site careers officer is Sarah, alongside external careers advice from the National Careers Service.

Careers Programme

Our detailed careers programme sets out what happens at the different stages as pupils progress through their transition. This may include visits from aspirational people, careers assemblies, information evenings, mentoring sessions and help with CV writing/ interview preparation. We are here to provide support to them in whichever way works best so that they feel confident in the next stage of their learning journey.