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As an independent school, we are governed by Ofsted to ensure that we are providing an acceptable standard of education and learning provision for our pupils and undergo regular inspections to monitor this.

What is the purpose of an Ofsted inspection?

  • The inspection of a school provides an independent external evaluation of its effectiveness and a diagnosis of what it should do to improve. It is based on a range of evidence available to inspectors that is evaluated against a national framework.
  • Provides parents, carers and local authorities that place and fund children in independent schools with an expert and independent assessment of how well a school is performing, and helps inform those who are choosing a school for their child.
  • Informs the registration authority, the Department for Education (DfE) and the Secretary of State for Education about the extent to which the school meets the requirements of the Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations 2014 (henceforth referred to as the independent school standards)
  • Promotes the improvement of individual schools.

The monitoring of the Independent School Standards

This ensures that inspectors monitor the progress and performance of schools and challenges and supports senior leaders, staff and those responsible for governance.

Inspections engage proprietors, headteachers, school staff and those responsible for governance. The views of parents, pupils, staff and local authorities that place and fund children in independent schools provide important evidence for the inspection.

Inspectors will report on the quality of education provided in the school and, in particular, make judgements on:

  • The achievement of pupils at the school
  • The quality of teaching in school
  • The behaviour and safety of pupils at school
  • The quality of leadership and management of the school

You can view our latest Ofsted inspection report below.