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We believe strongly in school uniform as it reflects our commitment to the equal worth of each individual. High standards of personal presentation reinforce our values of self-respect and pride across our school community.

Each pupil is expected to wear their uniform appropriately, in adherence to our school's policy. In doing so, our students show that they are proud to be a part of Emerge School.

We also understand that allowances need to be made in regard to uniform in order to meet the needs of our learners to enable them to feel comfortable and focussed whilst at school. We therefore offer alternative options as a reasonable adjustment to our standard uniform items. Please contact the school office for more information.

We do ask that any T-shirts/ Jumpers/ Hoodies are embroidered with the Emerge Logo. These can be ordered either at the supplier shop directly or through the school office, and delivered to school for parents' convenience. Our supplier details are listed below: